For the last month I’ve been planning this post, my favorites carefully selected, but when I think of all the things I’ve made this year I’m actually a little lost for words.

While I did not actually do a lot of roaming this year, I did manage to re-visit many of the countries I’ve stepped foot in with a little bit of food attempted from each.

I’ve also made many things that were previously rumbling around in my head or I found on a page or website somewhere and it sounded too good to pass up trying.

I chosen 6 of my personal favorites from reasons ranging between Cinnamon Buns that tastes exactly how I’ve bought to the combination is unusual and works in some of my inspired posts.

Being that this blog is meant to mainly be about foreign food, I have chosen my 6 favorite foreign endeavors from this year.

Lastly, there have been some posts that have been more popular than others, I'm not exactly sure why but here are the top 6.

Thank you so much to those who have visited this year.

I thought I would end this year with a stranger’s comment I saw on someone’s Facebook image this morning; a small sentence that should be shared.

‘Make 2013 memorable.’

I know I’m planning to.

Are you?

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