I wish I had pictures to show you of the fiesta.

I wish I could tell you that I had time to put up decorations.

I wish I had more practice at feeding crowds.

Alas, I cannot as my many hours spent in the kitchen making salsa from scratch.

Empanadas by hand.

And caramelizing sugar for dessert meant taking a moment to capture the festivities was something lost on me.

After all this it was a success. I will be attempting a Mexican fiesta another day.

The leftover from this lovely evening was a handful of limes remaining in the fruit basket, so I went on the hunt on what to do with these little green gems.

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When I made this dish I ran around the kitchen trying to find an appropriate dish to serve it in for my final photograph.

Asking my friend who’s house I’m currently staying in to use a pretty little dish I found in her cupboard; she hesitated.

Taking the hesitation into account I immediately placed it back into the carefully chosen place  and looked for another pretty dish.

Her realization that it was just for the image made her say ‘yes you can use it.’ To my delight.

Once a few clicks had been made in some lovely lighting she shared the fact that the dish was genuine wedgewood.

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Dinner parties involve effort.

They also involves more then one course and, if you are the lone cook, they involve plenty of time.

Mexico, however, like most Spanish speaking countries love to party.

The love of life even in the morning Hola is something that doesn't entail difficulty or strenuous meals of food but rather full of flavor recipes that leave all with a satisfied smile.

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Those regular work days.

You know the ones that start with Mon and end with Fri.

During those days I tend to eat granola or cereal with yogurt and fruit or something equally as healthy.

Breakfast is as regimented as my alarm signaling me to get up before it's light out.

But those two days where you get to sleep in and wake up to stretch and do things in your own pace.

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