For the last month I’ve been planning this post, my favorites carefully selected, but when I think of all the things I’ve made this year I’m actually a little lost for words.

While I did not actually do a lot of roaming this year, I did manage to re-visit many of the countries I’ve stepped foot in with a little bit of food attempted from each.

I’ve also made many things that were previously rumbling around in my head or I found on a page or website somewhere and it sounded too good to pass up trying.

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2012 has passed me by quicker then the blink of an eye. I've been told by many that as you get older time goes faster, but I believe that is wrong, I believe time goes as faster with a busy schedule, no matter what age.

As I sit here with sunburned limbs and a tired soul from camping I know there isn’t many days left in this year, and with that I thought I would firstly sum up my year in photographs.

There were many to choose from, but I thought it best to break it down my photographs into separate collages of photos.

The first 3 are the best photos from every third of this year and the last images are my favorites from the only overseas travel I did this year, in Australia.

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In my last post (before the end of the world didn’t arrive) I stated that there is a lot of ginger and well, let’s be honest, a whole gang of spices in the blogosphere. I’m actually adding to that today.

10 years ago I spent my one and only holiday season in Germany and I’m positive I ate this during my stay, but I can’t quite remember.

I’ve had many pieces of Stollen throughout my life and I’m going to honestly say that while it is truly a symbol of the holiday season in Germany, it’s also something I never ate with satisfaction.

Rum and raisins may be perfection to some but not this girl here, no, I’d rather have a whole loaf of marzipan bread in one sitting thank you.

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The 21 December 2012 has been predicted to be the last day of the world.

I’m finding a lot of humor about this on Facebook from my variety of friends including quotes:
‘I don’t have time for this with Christmas shopping.’
‘What is the exact time this is happening? Does it mean at midnight or another time zone? So many questions so little time.’
‘The world ends tomorrow, thank God I’m seeing The Hobbit tonight.’

With all this funny chatter I’ve been thinking about the last meal I’d enjoy.

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

A lot.

About those children, about those innocent people, about the lives lost in Connecticut.

Life can be cruel, heartless and render one speechless at times. In the same manner though, in the same heartbeat, the best in people is always given and shared amongst the living.

Individuals go out of their way to give a hug. Or make something to show they care. They order a bunch of flowers or simply stop by to say a word or two.

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This recipe has been rattling around in my head for the past few weeks and I have been meaning to make it to share with you since it popped in my head.

I originally came up with this when I was thinking of a way to use cucumber in a cocktail, it was one of those times I wanted to figure it out without consulting google.

I wanted it to be refreshing, something someone would yearn to finish a hot day off with (or if your on vacation feel free to drink this whenever).

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Have you seen ‘I Love You, Man’?

If not, there is this scene where the two protagonists go to a place with the ‘best fish tacos’ around. Ever since my eyes saw those fish tacos I’ve been wanting them.

That place exists in Venice, California, a location that’s not just down the road from me. So I set about making some of my own, in my usual endeavor of foreign flavors.

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I haven’t spoken about this again since that original post in February, but I have been finalizing up my book to send it off to agents.

In its very self, writing is something countless individuals do on this earth. Whether that be as a novelist or a poet.

So many want to be successful, only 1% succeed at being published.

That fact…that tiny number is daunting in itself.

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So…there’s three weeks left.

Three weeks until Christmas break and I’m in the office at 6.45am. 

Ahh the end of year rush, there’s nothing like it.

I’m also having to give myself a pep talk as my alarm goes off for it’s second time because my eyes would much rather stay shut and I need to convince them otherwise.

This past weekend I decided to re-visit one of my absolute favorite places in this world, and what perfect timing for my friend needed a day away from the world after ending her relationship.

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