Here are a few tips that might assist if you haven't done much travel before

  • Buy a travel wallet as this ensures paperwork is virtually never lost and always easy to obtain in your luggage.
  • When packing for a trip ask yourself whether every item your packing is absolutely necessary - remember you have to carry this around with you and there won't be a trolley all that often to take the weight off your shoulders.
  • Always look like you know where your going.
  • If you don't know where you are going, try and find a main road, this will always lead you closer to where you will be going.
  • Attempt to learn a few simple lines in the language you will be surrounded with.
  • If you want to stay with locals utilize - the experiences you'll have will make the trip that much more memorable.
  • Try not to book too many tours before you arrive in the country (unless the deal seems really worth it) as you can usually save a large portion of money by booking directly within the country.
  • Don't place too much importance on reading or researching about a place as the expectations may be higher then what you'll experience.
  • Aim to spend a portion of your time walking about as this is the best way to see a location and usually you end up in situations that can make a trip that much sweeter.
  • Try to always be polite to airport staff as they may assist you more then you think.
  • When things don't go to plan don't fret too much.
  • Allow for a flexible schedule; planes don't always fly on time, weather isn't always good etc.
  • If you are traveling alone, try to take one thing with you that's a comfort. Like a homely book or a small gift that reminds you someone somewhere is always thinking of you.
  • Remember that it's not always about the destination but the journey, so stop and take in the small details of what you are doing each day.
  • Try and learn something from the local's; whether it be how they make a meal, a saying they have or a way they live life.
  • Be open to the variety of people you will meet, they may affect and change you more then you think.
  • Even in bad situations you can learn something about yourself and turn it into a positive.

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