Outer Phuket, Thailand

There’s a little thing taking place in London right now, you may have heard of it – it’s called The Olympic Games.

Once every four years, we stop and celebrate a legion of competitors coming from various backgrounds and strengths to compete with one another.

To say I love the Olympic games would be an understatement, I mean I have barely a sporting bone in my body, but I love to watch all the action.

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Beginning of the tunnel walk
Looking up and out
Hard rock cut out
I feel like this is ‘what I did over the weekend’ time on most of my posts at the moment, but I have been doing a lot and I might as well share photos of my explorations.

You see, even if I’m not getting on a plane, passport in hand, I’m exploring often. A month doesn’t usually go by without me driving off somewhere an hour or two away and wandering through landscapes new or old.

This weekend was no exception.

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This weekend I took a short flight down to a beautiful home for a Bachelorette party.

We arrived late on Friday night with my best friend and I wandering around the house to a lot of wow’s. From the underfloor heating to the library to the kitchen neither of us wanted to leave.

And both of us felt like we'd never been anywhere fancier!

Bright the next morning we began our Saturday by leaving the rolling vineyard surrounding us and driving into the local farmers market and picking up some sweets for what would begin the festivities of wine tasting, toilet paper wedding dresses and loud music.

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I have mentioned couchsurfing in my Travel Tips page on here and in a post.

But I haven't spoken of it much.

This weekend, after many months of email conversations and a previous failed attempt at making it to my side of the world, I've had the opportunity, the ability and the joy of showing a little piece of my world to some couchsurfers.

The conversations have flowed easily.

The ease of the company we're sharing is why this works.

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