Spring has sprung and suddenly the many layers I’ve been wearing for what has been too long now can be stripped off.

Slowly and surely, the days get longer and a little warmer.

The trees are full of foliage once again and everything seems brighter.

Expectations for summer are put in place and the patience required for the free season to arrive is tested.

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One thing I’ve learnt from this blog is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new.

I’ve lived my life in the most recent years with a sense of ‘you only get one chance at today.’

Which is true, but with real life comes real distraction.

You have to work late so miss catching up with a friend.

A cold strikes you down so you can’t take that drive to adventure you were planning.

Living life with a sense of trying something new, grabbing the bull by the balls (ahh Never Been Kissed, I still love you like I’m 12 years old) as such, can take real determined effort.

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In my last post I mentioned a long weekend coming up, well that weekend has now passed me by as I sit back at my office desk.

I did one interesting thing other then sleep, I slept so much that when it came time to get up at 5.30 this morning, as I do every day for work, my brain thought it was part of the dream I was having.

The one interesting thing I did (other then spend time in the kitchen, of course), was to attend a fashion/entertainment show with my friend who called last minute to invite me.

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I have always considered Pumpkin Soup to be southern hemisphere creation, I mean, Americans don’t eat pumpkin like we do. They carve them into faces or buy them canned to fill the crust of a pie.

And I haven't ever heard of eating pumpkin soup in Europe (although they may in fact do)

I thought I knew reasonably well that it was from a land that needs the hearty warmth of pumpkin in the depths of winter.

I was wrong!

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