My best friend (mentioned in an earlier post) simply never stops. She is always working on something for someone and a day off is such a rare thing with her nowadays that our time together is usually for a few short hours once a lucky week.

This was not the case today though, she called me and asked me to make my first tiered cake at her house (that recipe coming later), in order to photograph me for my blog.

Upon arriving she gifted me a set of four unique plates to celebrate the beginning of my blog (so the bestest ever right?).

And above is one of the four uniquely beautiful plates now in my possession.

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The fingers are stained pink. Not like the usual pink from my naturally uber white skin.

Pink from the dark plums I had to peel in order to make this spread that originates in Germany. It's called Pflaumenmus or translated plum sauce.

This isn’t like a plum sauce that you would buy to accompany Western dishes as one vital ingredient - cloves - makes it something to eat on delicious hearty bread.

I’ve thought and thought about what else you could eat it with and I keep coming back to bread so best put, this is a kind of jam.

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To celebrate my first week of work, a co-worker and I went out for dinner on Friday, sitting down at Wynard Quarter in Auckland and enjoying our Churro dessert while a boy came along and played ‘Someone Like You’ on the piano.

The moment felt like one that you wish you could freeze long enough that all the senses take the scene in to remember it for an eternity.

Time isn’t like that, it is always fleeting.

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How many times have you gone grocery shopping only to come home with something unexpected?

There are more times then I can count where a trip to buy fruit and vegetables results in buying a discounted item where time has to be put aside to do something with this. The item the other day was a bag of apricots.

 Immediately the mind turned to jam, a simple mixture of sugar, fruit and glass jars, but this has been something I’ve completed far too often recently so opted for a different approach.

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A few days ago, I received a phone call from my recruitment agent who advised me of a temporary job, which was obtained within twenty four hours of that call. Six weeks is not the permanence I was seeking for the required move that still hasn’t happened.

It’s as though life is telling me what I already know, I’m not meant to stay here, maybe I was never meant to be here in this country.

In this location in the first place.

While I am, however, I will try wholeheartedly to find joy in whatever circumstances life confronts me with.

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One of my oldest and closest friends currently lives in the countryside, most of the time he visits me in suburbia. I don’t like the countryside, I am in fact, a city girl. Today, however, I went to visit him and found a climbable tree, an activity I haven't found myself doing since I was a child.

It was a beautiful warm day unlike so many others that have come before it this year. The sky was clear, the sun hot on my rather pale skin, however, I decided to snap the pictures in black and white to capture the beautiful light I was surrounded with in and around this tree.

Light Hitting the Tree Join

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