In the almost ten months I’ve had this blog this will be my third time I make a different form of mousse.

I can assure you that I’m not fascinated nor do I seek out ways to make it, but rather that I find the texture something delightful.

You know, that ‘it’s so fluffy I could die’ line from Despicable Me.

If you dismiss cotton candy (which just dissolves instantly on the tongue anyhow) then mousseis the dessert equivalent in real life form – it’s so fluffy that it’s the closest thing one could ever have to tasting a cloud.

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Most of the time I feel like a mediocre cook and an amateur blogger. I particularly feel this way when looking at sites like Joy the Baker and Shutterbean or one of my absolute favorite’s The Crepes of Wrath.

The ease of these sites, the humor that rolls off the page and the food that makes ones mouthwater makes one want to comment.

I feel this way often, and I say this in honesty, not in the ‘please comment and tell me I’m great' way.

But then sometimes, every once in a while, my brain will rattle a recipe off that I attempt and I think, this is why I blog, this is why I want to blog and get joy from it.

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I initially attempted this cake a week ago, and it was not a pretty sight, nor did it look like a cake.

What I wanted to create was a tiered cake, but what I was left with was crumbs – turns out my attempt in vegan and gluten free had veered down a path I didn’t want to go any further down. I wanted to throw the rest of the cake mixture out.

My dear second family where I currently stay are dead against throwing out food unless it no longer resembles the food it originally was or the expiry date has long since passed.

To my dismay they said, we can eat it on ice cream.

Eat coconut, almond crumbs on ice cream I thought.

That means I have to continue baking the remaining cake batter I thought.

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Are you a magazine reader?

I’m a magazine reader.

I always have been too.

From the time I could flick, I would pick up my grandmother’s subscriptions that she would really only buy to complete the crosswords as she ate her breakfast.

There I would hover for a few short moments and look at all the things the editor had ticked off to be published.

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Wow, I did a lot yesterday!

I left the house at 6 a.m. and didn’t return until 11 p.m.

The drive from my best friends place back to my own in the darkness felt like a weird dream involving the highway as sleep tapped at my shoulder.

Most of my day was spent traveling around to different locations with my boss and his ‘entourage’, me being one of those. A thought of being apart of a famous persons entourage and how that would differ from my present entourage experience ran through my mind on one occasion; the conclusion that I would definitely have to have better shoes was made.

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