It took me 25 years, but I made it.

Today there will be no recipes, just a 50% sum up of my long weekend in Australia.

What I saw, where I went, and photos of what you may find if you too plan on going to this part of the desert continent.

My reason for being there was my cousin’s wedding, which I will incorporate next time (including pictures of food).

I landed in the Gold Coast with my father in tow and before driving an hour south to my cousin's house we sat down at a sweet little cafe called Genki, on the road leading into Gold Coast city and had breakfast. We had already been awake for five hours and we were not disappointed with what we ate.

My immediate feeling was that I had seen it all before, but not all in the same location, I just couldn't put my finger on what made this drive from the airport into the city feel so familiar.

After picking my brother and his girlfriend up from their downtown hotel we drove back towards where we came and went south for an hour to my cousin's house.

The weather was surprisingly windy and stormy, so on my venturing out I had to be dressed warmer then I had been told.

I love the sea, having grown up within a minutes run away from the ever changing tide, it is one constant force I have felt throughout my life and this short walk reminded me of one of my absolute favorite places on earth - somewhere across the ocean, so of course I found it beautiful and calming.

The scenery on the coast of Lennox, NSW is really interesting. There are so many varieties of birds, squawking, snacking and soaring. I wandered along a trail next to the rustling sea and between trees and then found a small area of coastal bush where the birds whisked past me and made sure to make me aware I was in their home, on their land.

I saw no snakes, much to my dismay, although as I continued through this coastal bush I did feel like I was in their terrain. Between the birds and the wind I felt I may stumble upon one, but alas, it seems the snakes weren't even about in this weather.

On my third day, my father, brother, his girlfriend and I drove inland to a place called Nimbin.

Nimbin, was well hidden from the coastal wind and with the sun beating down on us we ate ice creams in this town whose name is synonymous with green things that grow and make you hungry soon after smoking (you can get tours specifically to this town, which I'm going to admit, baffled me).
But it did make for some interesting sites, a man dressed as a Native American, headwear included.

It also felt like a town stood in time, like I had time warped to a different century.

After finishing our ice creams, we got back in the car and drove on to Minyon Falls, our true destination. We also realized we had taken the long way, so note if you are going to this part of the country. Drive to Minyon Falls from Byron Bay, not via Lismore.

The scenery there is really pretty and Australian bush surrounds in the way I had hoped I would see on my visit. The only thing missing were the koalas.

As we made our way down the dusty road we watched out for the falls, we hoped they were around the next corner and soon they were.

By the time we arrived, it was late in the afternoon and not many people were around, something I was thankful for.

Minyon Falls has a 100 meter drop (328 ft) and you can hike to the bottom, unfortunately we would have run out of light and I had a pre-wedding girls celebration to attend.

Instead we just opted to stand at the top and look down at the drop.

It was worth the effort to get there and it offers something besides sun, waves and wind.

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