At this time of year, everyone is tired.

Getting through the long winter with a little time off seems like forever ago and yet the Christmas break seems almost too far away to grasp with such low energy.

I’ve been suffering from that this week, I’m so tired, shattered, exhausted from the many hours of lost sleep through the year that I feel as though my head will hit the desk and I won’t care who sees me in the office.

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“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Oh Sunday, how I may love you more then all the others.

Sunday is my day.

I don’t usually make plans with anyone because quite simply I rush from work to see friends to exercising most days of the week that Sunday is for sleeping in with no guilt.

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My main goal with this blog is to introduce people who have never tried international meals to them and how to make them.

Sure I get sidetracked on this most of the time, but today I’m going back to my roots and it includes a little story.

This is my friend Bobbie and that photo is around 5 years old. This day 5 years ago I spent my one and only Thanksgiving with her.

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When I went to Rio, I arrived at midnight and all I had of the scenery that beckoned was the walled favela’s on the road from the airport to Ipanema beach.

A solid ten hour sleep later I woke up and discovered I had set my alarm wrong and didn’t have long before I had to check out.

Before running around to make up for overslept time, I opened the curtain and stepped out onto my tiny balcony and saw this view.

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If you have been following this blog and thought this girl like cookies then you would be right.

I've been going through a cookie phase, I just want cookies.

I swore I wouldn’t make another one for at least a month and then I got an idea and like a morning tea at work where you are faced with more food then you can intake but ‘you just have to try it anyhow,’ I was without self control and went ahead with these.

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This is  a gift for some friends who lost a baby. As I took in this information I considered the fact that sometimes life is an all out battle, an all out fight, for the variety of emotions going through our veins.

A deep-seated trial within us to see the world with beauty when our sight is closing in.

My friends are very dear to me and so I felt the need to give them something; just a small token for how much sorrow that I cannot even imagine they are feeling right now.

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It’s been a few days since my last post and I have a good reason; I went on a long weekend to Wellington with a close friend.

So, there is no recipe, just pictures and a few tips on where to go and what to see in the Capital of this island nation.

If you travel to New Zealand and decide to go to the two biggest cities, you will find they are vastly different.

The largest city – Auckland – is spread out and difficult to get around without a vehicle, I live here and have found it’s a lot of little towns combined in a simply put way. The airport is an easy half hour trip from the central city and the traffic is precarious.

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