It’s been a few days since my last post and I have a good reason; I went on a long weekend to Wellington with a close friend.

So, there is no recipe, just pictures and a few tips on where to go and what to see in the Capital of this island nation.

If you travel to New Zealand and decide to go to the two biggest cities, you will find they are vastly different.

The largest city – Auckland – is spread out and difficult to get around without a vehicle, I live here and have found it’s a lot of little towns combined in a simply put way. The airport is an easy half hour trip from the central city and the traffic is precarious.

Wellington, though, from the words of my friend shows you ‘why it’s the Capital.’ It’s easy to catch the 91 bus from the airport to the central city which takes you through tunnels and gives you a taste of what this hilly ‘windy city’ is all about.

The weather can be precarious there and we experienced the four seasons in one hour on our last morning. I haven't experienced the type of 'Wizard of Oz' wind that the city can be known for yet, but always go prepared with a coat when visiting.

Once there, you can take the cable car up to the botanic gardens, which includes a clear view of all angles before the road leads round the bend.
You wouldn't know you are in a city with this view
Or you can walk through Cuba Street, which in itself is a city icon, the place where all the meld of individuals that call this place home seek to unwind, celebrate and shop.

Wellington is a city where the most corporate and most artistic collide, this is after all where Peter Jackson (called Sir these days) resides and breathes the many films he makes.

There are many places to stop and eat, but one that gets mentioned by any and all is Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, it’s a Creole/Mexican mix of food that is a truly kitsch one of a kind place. It’s a must visit when you are stepping foot in this city.

Lastly, there is art, sculpture and interesting things to see whether in the hub of the city or walking along the waterfront.

Look out and see what you will find.

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