The United Kingdom.

Known in some parts as Britain and others as England has given the world a lot.

Half of America has roots in this part of the world. And Australia and New Zealand are just the same.

Let’s not even begin with the other countless countries where a portion of society have a heritage based in Britain.

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Let’s get serious about tomatoes.

They’re often placed in the vegetable category, yet they never assume themselves to be anything but who they are – a savory member of the sweet family.

They can mix with either side. And mix they do, they love to paired with unique and creative ingredients to give your tastebuds a kick.

In simple terms they are a chameleon.

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It feels like only yesterday I wrote here that I obtained a temporary job and now I’m down to my last week, in fact, my last few days of what has been a good challenge in my repertoire of office work.

People you meet on the first day, those 1D people you know barely anything about become 3D people rather quickly and soon there’s more individuals being left behind.

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I am a person with an anxiety ridden back bone.

There are many of us out there who lose sleep over little things.

Or have panic attacks - large and small over seemingly insignificant things to those without that anxiety gene.

Due to this my food intake of the past week not being the freshest, healthiest laden plates of meals.

Wanting to pull myself out of the unhealthy slump and the inspiration of a little nutty vegan bread hovering in my mind the next week’s snack intake will now be filled with more good then bad.

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Coastal Statue above the Blue Waters
It was a holiday weekend which led me to follow the winding roads to visit a friend for the day. She lives two hours away and it was high time we caught up, especially considering I'm one third of her bridal party and details needed to be discussed.

As luck would have it she had a large fig tree in her backyard and we were led to getting out the pruning shears and cutting down the large figs tempting us.

There we were in the wild of her back garden cutting things out of our reach like little children, reaching up, up, up beyond our grasp.

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When you think of pretzels what comes to mind?

Do large German people in lederhosen come to mind, like Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka?

Germany is known for pretzels among other things, despite being mainly rooted in the southern portion of the country.

Or do you think about most probably the most famous city on earth?

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Sometimes a good cleanse of health is necessary not only for a clearer body, but for a clearer mind.

With so much eating out of late, a trip to the grocery store resulted in carrots staring at me with that 'pick me' look. 'I'm good for you, far better for you, then that fast food and sweets you've ingested far too much of recently.'

Alas, I gave in and bought them.

What better way to cleanse then soup. There's a punch of vegetables. A dousing of water. Herb's and spices in the stock. It's a fusion of ingredients with a delicious result. It's a science experiment gone right. 

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On April Fools, I went out with my childhood best friend or rather BFF, for the first time as two adults and I’m going to be honest here (I place high importance on honesty), out of anyone I’ve ever met she has had most probably the toughest road to walk and her strength and spirit give me a constant sense of awe.

Her difficult childhood, her child diagnosed with cancer at 3 and the fight for his life that followed, her smile and determination and strength have never disappeared.
Our friendship has not had an easy road either, yet we know, no matter how often we see each other, no matter how short a time we spend together, we are the same people with the same views, values and passions.

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