We’re a few days off the end of January!

How did that happen?

With that one month is down and the year is rolling on, in a pace far too fast for me to keep up.

I went camping this past weekend, it felt like summer vacation.

No alarms. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Burgers cooked on the grill. Beach walks. Afternoon naps, just because.

There it was, in the palm of my hand and, suddenly, I’m now back in my cubicle listening to Lana Del Rey and having a conversation about Hipsters and boat shoes with my best friend (she hates them. I like them. If I suddenly end up with a boat shoe wearing hipster on my arm we’ll still be friends though, so all is ok).

There goes the only summer vacation I’m getting this year (in New Zealand anyhow).

I do have one thing that is a reminder of summer, although I think this dessert works any time of year, because lets face it, when is it not a good time to be consuming Tiramisu?

How about Tiramisu on a stick?

Tiramisu on a Stick
Adapted from Taste Magazine

1/2 cup very strong coffee
3 sponge fingers
3/4 cup cream, lightly whipped
1 3/4 cups store-bought custard
200g mascarpone
2-3 tablespoons Dutch cocoa powder

Place the sponge fingers in a shallow bowl and pour the 1/4 cup of the coffee evenly over the sponge fingers, ensuring well coated. Set aside.

In a bowl add in the cream and 1 cup of the custard. Stir through to combine.

In a separate bowl place the mascarpone and remaining custard and coffee, combine well.

Scatter a teaspoon of cocoa powder into the base of each cup.

Add a teaspoonful of the cream mixture and the mascarpone mixture. Then crumble 1 sponge finger amongst the 12 cups. Scatter another half a teaspoon of cocoa powder over each layer then continue in the same manner as the first layer until all the cream and mascarpone are complete.

Ensure all are even and finish by scattering further with more cocoa powder.

Chop aluminium foil into a square the size of the cups and slice a slit into the center of each, wider then the popsicle stick.

Fold and place as flatly as possible on top of each tiramisu and slowly place the popsicle stick through each tiramisu.

Set in the freezer for a minimum of 5 hours.

When ready to serve, allow to sit in room temperature for approximately 10 minutes or until it slides out easily.


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