With a new year comes a new tradition.

I love photos!

It stems back to the tight and jelly shoe wearing days where I would never learn to share the radio with my brother as well as other items.

One day my mother bought us each a disposable camera.

I remember my brother running around clicking away on his like it was an endless film. I knew it was precious, from the first moment she placed it in my hands, I treasured this gift and only took photos I knew were worthy.

I take a lot of photos and while I’ve had a few photography posts on here, I want to show you each month of my life as I capture it.

With my Canon and instagram (username: Sylviet137) if you want to follow me. Warning: I rarely share images of food on Instagram, thats what this site is for.

Here is my January:

Seagull/Patrick/Picking Plums with Patrick/Reflected Fruit
Heart Shaped Water Stain/Small San Francisco in Auckland

Flying Exit/Shell Bling
Sunset Light/Purple Studded Reflection

Alli at the Falls/McLaren Falls Power/Camp Writing/Beach Loving Stone

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