I think this one ate too many!
I cannot believe I have not made one Canadian dish this entire time.

And to those that have been reading this for some time I am sorry.

Amongst the several recipes to be found on here from other countries, I have omitted to attempt anything from a country I was living in only two years ago.

I’m going to admit I wasn’t really sure of Canadian foods other then Poutine and Perogis, which I enjoyed during my stay in the Great North.

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Have you ever eaten a meal and immediately wished you could time travel back to re-live the experience?

Now this isn’t one of those simply make/order another one questions. Imagine if you did, by the time the last mouthful has been eaten the pleasure will have been replaced with remorse for how much you have stuffed your body with foor. No, this is such food enjoyment that you just want to enjoy every mouthful all over again.

I said this very thing on Friday night over dinner with a friend while we were enjoying dinner at a Brazilian restaurant; her gleeful reply was ‘I just love that you are such a foodie.’

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Now please don’t be offended, but I’m not a lover of potatoes. I don’t love to eat them when you know and compare them to sweet potatoes, they are just not as satisfying.

I don’t buy potato chips because quite frankly the thin amount of self control I have with junk food goes out the window and it’s as though I haven’t eaten in a month when they are around.

Sometimes though I make an exception, when I’m craving my mother’s mashed potatoes and she just happens to make them when I visit. Or my friends have potato chips and fresh bread, I can’t ignore the call of chip sandwiches, that’s down right wrong. Or there is onion dip (a New Zealand tradition) sitting there, waiting to be scooped up.

Exceptions can be made and then I am done with potatoes again.

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One of the recent friends I made at a job I was doing is now roaming the globe and I have to say I miss her.

We were a crazy team together and that kind of work environment doesn’t occur too often.

I wouldn’t say I miss her singing the ‘It’s Friday’ song over and over, but with Friday my mind always turns to her and I wonder how she's doing wherever she may be.

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Over the past two weeks, I have reveled in the strength, flexibility and ability of the thousands of athletes taking part in the Olympic Games.

Today, they end, not to be seen for another four years in another specially chosen city.

While the athletes have been competing from the 204 nations involved, I have been in the kitchen making foods from a small variety of the many countries represented. I have not, however, made a single thing to represent the host country.

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I’ve only been to Mexico once, but in that seven day period on the piece of land south of the USA, I have to say I fell in love.

The opportunity to explore the land, its orange hills, its vast water views, its easygoing atmosphere.

To food that delighted me, even to this day I can recall where I ate and what I had on those wonderful meals.

The people I met who showed the kindness I’ve come to know from that part of the world.

One of the greatest things Mexican cuisine has gifted the world is tortillas.

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The small art of borrowing an object, something that you have not obtained outright, but been given to use for a period always differs in results.

I’ve met countless people who refuse to lend anything out to anyone after too many failed changing of the hands.

I’m always a good lender, other then a small object that my brother long ago forgot I borrowed, I always return items. Let us say I’m keeping this object hostage for the betterment of my blog and my brother is actually lovely guy without the use of this.

The reason I’m talking about borrowing is because the images in today’s post are the result of my forgetfulness in packing to stay at a friend’s place and needing to ask kindly for a camera that is better then my iPhone (lets face it, the iPhone is no SLR in camera technology).

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