This hasn’t been mentioned since I spoke of resigning from my job, but I have been jobless or better said ‘in between jobs’ for over a month now (surviving on the savings I’m good at building up and the odd job here and there). Of course I’ve been applying, not radically crazy everywhere, but I’ve been applying and this week saw me have three interviews in two days.

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My mom was born and raised in Berlin and for a short period in my teens we moved over to Germany, becoming ‘regular’ culturally non German ‘Germans’.

During this time, I attended a typical high school in the small town we had moved to (two hours from the wonderful city that is Berlin) and I took cooking class or Hauswirtshaft as it’s called there. Basically a ‘how to’ in how to have a successful household, this included smart sense ‘money’ lessons in how to save and set aside income for regular outgoings.

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As I sit here eating the last piece of the Tarte Tatin (recipe below) for breakfast, my room is still a scattered mess awaiting tidy up.

I'm sorry, I couldn't wait as this simple recipe leaves the taste buds yearning, asking, wanting more.

And the bonus, it can be made whenever you want. This is a no rules recipe that doesn't require particular fruit to make it with.

It's also a quick little number to cook while you're eating with friend's or catching up on the latest episode of a show.

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During my childhood this recipe was the go to that my best friend and I made for her rather large family. This was one of the joys we shared at dinner time.

While her stepmom would be cooking away we’d get to mix the cocoa, flour and other handful of ingredients together and make something we considered far more delicious then the main course itself.

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I went blueberry picking again and some might say I'm a sucker for punishment, but I think I just know how to grab a good opportunity with both hands.

In my current situation of downsizing my possessions, I thought I would make a recipe I’ve never made before from an old cooking magazine, particularly now as I am getting rid of needless things.

And my luck it involves blueberries.

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I know there are some people who say they hate change, personally, I don't know any different. Today marks fourteen years since my life changed forever and somehow it hasn't really stopped since.

I've thought about how best to say this from the first post on here. I've spent my entire life, lived it every moment and it has basically defined me - wanting to live somewhere else.

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