I know there are some people who say they hate change, personally, I don't know any different. Today marks fourteen years since my life changed forever and somehow it hasn't really stopped since.

I've thought about how best to say this from the first post on here. I've spent my entire life, lived it every moment and it has basically defined me - wanting to live somewhere else.

I was born and currently live in a country better known as Middle Earth. A beautiful country that is good in so many ways, a great country for a country, if you don't want to live there forever. Don't be fooled by my accent, the way in which I say things or my colloquialisms.

My heart does not lie here and it simply never will.

I belong, always have and always will, somewhere far greater.

A land I cannot simply move to for there are far too many government restrictions.

In my heart, I know I will live there one day.

In the meantime, change, like the tide, is ever occurring and I may be leaving Middle Earth, in the near future once again for some time or hopefully for good.

Here's a picture of a place I left behind that day, a place not returned to in some time.

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