2012 has passed me by quicker then the blink of an eye. I've been told by many that as you get older time goes faster, but I believe that is wrong, I believe time goes as faster with a busy schedule, no matter what age.

As I sit here with sunburned limbs and a tired soul from camping I know there isn’t many days left in this year, and with that I thought I would firstly sum up my year in photographs.

There were many to choose from, but I thought it best to break it down my photographs into separate collages of photos.

The first 3 are the best photos from every third of this year and the last images are my favorites from the only overseas travel I did this year, in Australia.

Most of the images have appeared on this blog before, but there are also some I have not included previously.

1. Top of Devil’s staircase, Tongariro Crossing
2. Sunrise Sky, Tongariro Crossing
3. Lakes on the Descent, Tongariro Crossing
4. Tree Knot
5. Seaside Statue, Mt Maunganui Base Walk

Clearly I loved the Tongariro Crossing and it gave me many beautiful captures, if the walkway from photos 1 and 2 wasn’t currently closed due to volcano activity I would ask you to re-trace my steps and see it for yourself.

The only black and white photo out of my favorite images this year, it’s something I appreciated photographing because climbing tree’s isn’t something an adult can find themselves doing very often.

This last image was shot on a bright weekend while visiting my friend, always a beautiful walk, with a stunning and unique statue only easily reached on low tide.

1. Electric Sunrise, Napier
2. Fisherman and his Friend, Kariotahi
3. Invisible Rainbow, Hahei
4. Sheep in the Vineyard, Napier
5. Cathedral Cove’s Clear Sky, Hahei
6. Burnt Sunrise, Runciman
7. Glowing Frisbee, Kariotahi

For the hen’s weekend we stayed at a vineyard overlooking the region which allowed us to wake up to this magnificent sunrise I was so lucky to capture.

Late fall and the hazy sky meant the light at this black sand beach gave me a new way to capture a fisherman and his loyal friend.

While taking some couchsurfers to Cathedral Cove, my (now) friend Michael went behind this small waterfall unaware of the rainbow created above his head.

After that sunrise, I looked down the vineyard to see many many sheep, yes this is New Zealand and sheep go wherever they please (not quite).

I really like images 5 and 6 for the light in both. The clear sky and strong blues in 5 allowed for a simple effective landscape. While number 6 was a fall tree turned this color in a bright sunrise one long weekend.

My last image of this little series is of a dear friend’s son, his movement and the glowing Frisbee in his hand resulted in quite a capture of childhood.

1. Sweet Mother’s Waitress, Wellington
2. Cove Reflections, Hahei
3. Summer Growth, Hahei
4. James Bond’s Lair, Otara Bay
5. Twig’s Duo, Rotorua
6. Glowing Park, Auckland
7. Pier’s Attachment’s, Wellington
8. Thermal Colors, Wai-O-Tapu

Bright and kitschy Sweet Mother’s Kitchen has many photo gaps, but this waitress and her smile show it’s also a fun place to work.

Another day and another visit to the Cove with perfect weather allowed for a clear reflection on the beach’s accessories.

Tall grass meant the walk up to look out point Te Pare Pa was an adventure.

A quick stop at Otara Bay (you can only walk here from a neighboring bay) shows an island I imagine would be suitable for 007 himself, well hidden and the right size for an amazing internal house (I have a vivid imagination).

Trying to capture the ground of the forest on a trip to Rotorua resulted in this cute capture of mossy muted colors.

Art in the Dark and this was my favorite shot, look at those bright colors amongst the darkness.

The things that grow in Wellington Harbor off those pier logs make for beautiful floating art pieces.

The colors in the park give you bright yellows bubbling out of the ground and a lake the color of bright bright green, but I love this image of the plants growing around this water and clearly unusual colors of thermal activity.

1. Tall Trees, Minyon Falls, NSW
2. Gold Coast City, Queensland
3. Large Roots, Lennox, NSW
4. Bright Waves, Lennox, NSW
5. Beached Jellyfish, Gold Coast, Queensland
6. Fluttering Parrot, Lennox, NSW
7. Free Scarlet, Lennox, NSW
8. Sunday Glow, Lennox NSW

On the way to Minyon Falls with the late afternoon sun shimmering on those trees, it was beautiful to be under.

The city stands out amongst those blues.

Lennox seaside in 3 and 4, is unusual and beautiful.

The clear jellyfish I couldn’t turn down photographing, the reflection within it of the tiny grains of sand is even more stunning.

This parrot wouldn’t stop for a heartbeat for me to capture, but that is apart of being a bird isn’t it?

Little Scarlet, my cousin’s daughter is such a cutie, at her mom and dad’s wedding holding on tightly to her favorite stuffed toy Mickey Mouse and dancing she had as much fun as the grown ups.

The late afternoon glow next the the lake, these tree’s even look relaxed in that environment.

I wish, I could have fitted more of this year into photos.

How fast it all passed by.

Here’s to the next sum up of 2012 coming soon.

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