Wow, what a full on weekend!

So much so that I have to put it into two parts for your photographic enjoyment.

Despite the lack of sleep prior to the hike; my friend Alli and I found our energy levels were high as we set off at 6am. We had the path to ourselves for all of twenty minutes before some rather energetic people passed us by; whom we never saw again.

The level of accomplishment after slightly more then seven hours of hiking is something I haven't felt too often in my life and I think it's something I should prioritize to feel more.

Due to my fitness being a little better then Alli there were points when I had to wait for her at the top of the track. The first of which we encountered at the Devil's stairway - it was literally made and moulded in hell. Or at least thats how your legs feel as you take each step slower.

Standing atop the weaving staircase and rough landscape, watching other hikers pass me by and letting the scenery seep into my memory; I listened to a song by Incubus, 'If Not Now, When' and thought no other song could fit more perfectly with what we were doing. What I was doing as I turned twenty five.

There were no clouds overhead, nothing other then the beauty around me to remind me I'm truly alive.

The low lying cloud in the early morning light
Atop the Devil's stairway

One of the Emerald Lakes
Looking back on the trail and Red Crater
The blue lake
My friend Alli and I on our way down from a lunch break
The last part of the walk involved a cooling forest and river

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