'If it's not scary, it's not fun.'

The wedding was beautiful.

It was a garden wedding set under pine trees on either side and being a rather unsummery summer, the wind was up and it snowed pine needles during the ceremony. The reception was an evening filled with jars of candy, fairy lights and good conversation with old friends.

The quote above is something the bride's father recited back to us as something she said to him while they sailed through a storm and I think it completely highlights the reality of life. There are times where if it's not scary it simply isn't fun!

The dinner for friends on Sunday was a hit and I will surely write about some of the items on the menu in the next few months, as I was taught to share and these are some dishes definitely worthy of sharing.

After such a full weekend I still had the full intention of making a simple dessert and sharing the recipe with you, however, one of the vital ingredients was sold out - strawberries; that are grown locally. The sweetest, reddest, best strawberries means there is no convincing myself to buy strawberries from anywhere else. Alas strawberry dessert will have to come later, I do promise to make this in the near future though.

There is one point I have ensured to completion this week and that is in quitting my job. Making inroads into this taking more control of my life thing is a priority as I need to ensure this year is not a repeat of the recently completed one.

As the sun sets out my window on a clear glowing evening I hope the sun is shining on you today too.

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