About six months ago I decided I wanted to move away from a blogging site and move to my own site – why? Simply put, I felt it would fit me better and give me more freedom to go in the direction I’m wanting to go.
So for all those people who’ve stopped by or been following me for a sometime, my new site is http://roamingtaste.com/. All previous posts can be found there along with new recipes and forthcoming adventures.
I’ll be adding some new features in very soon also, so come on over and share the ride with me.

An unfortunate event leads me to today's story. 

On Sunday I went to the beach to meet up with a group of friends, the tide was well in, but we parked ourselves on the hot black sand and wandered over to cool off our feet in the water.

Soon enough a tidal wave came and proceeded to soak all of my belongings.

And now it’s been days since I’ve had a phone, it’s sitting in rice in all hope that it will come back to life.

Not having a phone to check my schedule, Instagram or text with has been difficult, it’s like missing something vitally important to continue life with (melodramatic?! slightly).

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With a new year comes a new tradition.

I love photos!

It stems back to the tight and jelly shoe wearing days where I would never learn to share the radio with my brother as well as other items.

One day my mother bought us each a disposable camera.

I remember my brother running around clicking away on his like it was an endless film. I knew it was precious, from the first moment she placed it in my hands, I treasured this gift and only took photos I knew were worthy.

I take a lot of photos and while I’ve had a few photography posts on here, I want to show you each month of my life as I capture it.

With my Canon and instagram (username: Sylviet137) if you want to follow me. Warning: I rarely share images of food on Instagram, thats what this site is for.

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January is the month where the streets are crowded with people exercising, the gym has plenty of new faces and for me, today, sharing a swimming pool lane with four other people was a negotiation I was unprepared for.

It was the first time I have been in a swimming pool since I was a child. The opportunity to spend my lunch break doing this over sitting at my desk is due to swimming being something my co-workers have started with the new year.

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Sometimes life has a way of quietly being everything you want it to be, those simple moments where you wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else with anyone else even if given the choice.

I find those perfect moments with those perfect conversations are a rare thing.

Like countless people on this earth I have countless precious people in my life and things are pretty well blessed, but those moments where nothing feels imperfect including myself is something that fills my heart infrequently.

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Are you back at work for the year?

Maybe your holiday break wasn’t long and your back in the thick of it?

Well I am in the same ball game as you, except there is currently no thick of it.

Currently our floor has scattered individuals who either had no vacation time left to take or didn’t consider that being in an office with a view that looks out onto the blue water would be fine.

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Do you ever go somewhere and buy a lovely product, take it home, devour it and think ‘I could make this myself?’

This thought has crossed my mind many times when I’ve bit into something slightly different, but I usually let it go into the vault of good food memories.

You know the one with donuts floating in the air and those 2am burgers that you thought at the time was the best thing you’d ever eaten!

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